Use below mentioned tips for marvel contest of champions and make your game even better

Marvel Contest of Champions has the complete package of heroes and villains who fight. Brace yourself as you start your battle against Marvel’s deadliest villains and most awesome heroes on the battlefield with you controlling their every move.

Best features of marvel contest of champions

  • Controls are quite simple as far as fighting games are concerned. But there is much more to these controls than button-smashing. Defence will serve as an excellent shield but there are some characters which take a hit even when blocking so it will be better to master the dodging of such attacks by swiping left. An excellent tactic to use while fighting would be to stay clear of taking as much damage as possible and to use offense only when you find an opening.
  • One of the biggest concerns with playing Marvel Contest of Champions is the health maintenance issue. While fighting, the health of your character will decrease as you start to receive attacks. It is not possible for your character to recover in the middle of fights and the only way to ensure recovery is by using consumable potions which makes conserving it the ultimate purpose of your fight.
  • When playing it is best to cross the one-star Champions as quickly as possible as you will not have enough strength despite being ranked up and levelled up. You can use the two-star Champions while keeping an eye out to go up the level to villains and heroes who hold three-stars.
  • The six classes of Champions have a relationship between them which is why it is best to have your champion in the right side of the opponent so that you will not be at risk of being overpowered by your opponent and there will be an increase in the attack power. The relationship between the classes is similar to that of the kids game ‘rock- paper- scissors’.
  • Though it is not the rule, the computer AI will mostly initiate the attack on the champion and it will be best if you try to defend off the initial blow. So when you start the game it is best appropriate if you hold your defence position the moment the game starts. It is always better to be safe than lose heath for it.
  • It is not possible to get a specific character to be your hero when you choose to get one. The heroes are given to you randomly and are selected with roulette. You cannot pre-determine the hero that you are going to get.

You can also use the Marvel Contest of Champions trick to go ahead in the game without having to fight your battles. Moreover, the game is also dedicated to provide immense competition to its rival DC and has given the latter a tough battle with its quality graphics and amazing gameplay. You will have a group of quests that you have to tackle and as you start winning the battles, you will find yourself climb up the ladder of the game.