pixel gun

The invention of the mine craft style pixel gun 3D in multiplayer mode with some deadly games have made it quite popular among humans. The designers have claimed that the game can be played only after one attains the age of seventeen but it is such a game that can be played even by children younger to them. But due to the fact that the game mostly related to the hits and kills, it is advised that a kid has to be seventeen years before he starts to play. However, the mine craft similar to the game has got a good review from the users wide across.

It is basically made to meet the demand of having a mine craft similar to game in the pocket edition. It can be played worldwide in the local connection and that has been an advantage for many. However, I get to fight with friends, colleagues, relatives or any unknown person across the world. The game fetches you with an opportunity for creating a battlefield against your friend or colleagues. In fact I can also customize my character with special skin markers and then present yourself in the battlefield with your newest form.

The game has a total of more than 35 unique maps that are basically of different shapes and sizes. The availability of the varied weapons which are the key items of the game makes it quite attractive. The range of weapons starts from the rocket launchers, magic weapons, energy weapons, sniper rifles etc. In fact the variety is more than hundred. I prefer the advantage of having ten players in the game; this does not make it monotonous. Having ten players indicates that you need to create that strategy for ten players. The reason behind this is that the battlefield remains engaged.

The game has a chat option with which I can chat with my friend’s right in the battlefield during the battle. On such chat you can discuss your positions and let him be aware about your position. However, there are other chats possible as well. I can chat with my friends and also with unknown people. Once I have had a several chat with new members I can add them during my battle in my team just by clicking on add (+) symbol. The more I get to add such members, the stronger team I can create.

If I have to talk something about the game when the battle is on, I need to mention about the Pixel man. He finds him in a dreadful situation because of certain incidents. Few terrifying zombies attach pixel’s farm unexpectedly at night. In fact he also finds out that these zombies have entered his entire village and wanders around it. The similar approach is maintained in the pixel gun hack for the people who play with this mode of the game. However, my position in the game is certainly to control the situation and make the pixel man ready to figure out and fight back the zombies out of his village.